Towan House


Client: Private

Sector: Residential  

Size: 200sqm

Budget: Undisclosed

Location: Porthtowan 

Status: Pre-planning

The Brief: To design a functioning family home, on a enviable plot, that is inspired by the historical and environmental richness of its surroundings, 

Towan House looks out across the vast Atlantic Ocean, but the form of the house is derived from the different languages of architecture that exist on the coastline of Cornwall. Taking inspiration from the soaring chimneys of the ruined mines, the steep pitched roofs of miner's cottages, the cob and thatch of old farm buildings and even the more recent glass fronted beach houses, the design attempts to combine these languages and create a building that positively evolves the development of the coastline in a historically - and ecologically - sensitive way.

Emily Crutcher